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Municipal Law

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Lamprecht Law, PLLC, is a strong asset to the community because we are a true part of your community. We were born and raised here and chose Plainview as the location of our boutique legal firm. We know the laws that govern these counties and cities and the people who run the various parts of local government.

If you are facing issues that involve your city, officials or land use, or you are a municipal government official, we have the experience to help.

We have a proven track record of success for cases involving:

  • Nuances of local bylaws, such as meetings, votes and city budgets

  • Land use and zoning laws that determine how land may be used

  • Laws in the county that allow the city to buy and sell property

  • The ability to sue the city or be sued by the city

  • Issues with the local police, such as misuse of power or violations of rights

  • City ordinances being changed or broken

  • Education policies

  • Property taxes and property disputes

Many of these areas involve other key parts of the law. We are a comprehensive firm that offers zealous representation that spans a full range of legal areas, such as civil rights, real estate, small to large businesses and estate planning to avoid land or tax issues.

Questions About Land Use Or Zoning?

One of the most common ways we help our clients is with their land. We believe in protecting your rights to your land and the ways in which you want to use it.

Legal issues around trespassing, property development, easements and eminent domain can be complex situations, but we aim to make your options clear and offer sound advice on how to protect your best interests.

Here For You. Here For The Community.

If you want to work with a firm that understands the problems you are facing, call 507-534-3828 today. Interested clients can also request an appointment online to discuss how Lamprecht Law, PLLC can help.